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Far Dark Fields - Gary A. Braunbeck

This is the worst Cedar Hill and the worst Braunbeck book I have read so far, and I've been a big cheerleader in the past. There is virtually no plot in the 300+ pages and reams of paper are wasted on backstory that anyone who has read the previous Braunbeck books would already know. On top of that there are just chapters of useless weirdness that don't point anywhere. There isn't even any payoff at the end, just some teasers about what's to come next. What is the next book going to be, the backstory of the previous book's backstory?


I wanted to like this book so much after all the other Cedar Hill books but this one just didn't do it.


If Braunbeck writes another Cedar Hill novel maybe the muse can put him back on track. Otherwise just write out a decent ending and let it go.