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By Blood We Live - Glen Duncan

Weakest of the three Last Werewolf novels. I just can't handle much more of Duncan's purple-prosed bestial erotica. The endless hand wringing by each character, vampire or were, over being a monster that loves to kill and eat but has a conscience. We all have our cross to bear. You cannot drag it out through three weakly plotted novels. It was lovely writing, just dull. We just don't care what happens to anyone.


Duncan dissatisfies in the end to leave room for yet another future werewolf/vampire/human cliff hanger Tallula just can't seem to keep her men out of fatal trouble. She's bad news to date. Give her wide berth. She doesn't know where her kids are most of the time either.


The werewolf trope is the hardest one to pull off. There was about one novel's worth of good stuff in all three books together. Again, just lovely writing about a difficult subject to transcend.


I keep wondering if Duncan, who didn't start out as a genre writer, just sees this as a long practical joke that he happens to be able to line his pockets with while going along. He IS a very good writer, but you cannot overcome a weak and drawn out plot and characters nobody really empathizes with. I think back to Doctor Sleep by Stephen King| where King actually manages to create evil characters that we really sympathize for their plight. They have been used and abused and we empathize with their condition while we despise what they do because of it. Duncan doesn't pull it off. King doesn't have nearly the language or phrasing that Duncan has but by comparison he is still the better novel writer.


I won't be going back for a fourth helping if their is one. I'm full already.