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By Blood We Live - Glen Duncan

Werewolves are the worst horror trope. They're the one you just cannot think could ever be. I'm going to write a story about the Chinese moon landing program where the whole crew are really werewolves but they don't know it yet. I guess I'll make them land on the dark side and then when the sun comes up they're screwed. They blow up inside their suits and the only ones left alive are the ones in the lander.  Then the ones in the lander have to figure out how to get the dead ones back to feed and then themselves back to earth without turning again.  I guess they could turn and then maybe go berserk when they landed during a full moon and eat everyone.


Better yet, some guys go to the moon, catch a werewolf virus there, turn whenever it's convenient in the plot and they are in sunlight and then the survivors come back and start turning everyone into werewolves or dinner.


Self publishing is so great.