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Another Cedar Hill Nightmare

Coffin County - Gary A. Braunbeck

Another berserk outing by Braunbeck featuring again one of the worst places to live: Cedar Hill, Ohio. After beginning with a breathing, bleeding cedar tree (that's a hint) that blows up a coffin factory Braunbeck seemingly gets down to a typical slasher gore fest type of terror/horror novel, but he never writes books like that. Soon the goings on become so bizarre and the body count and blood rises so fast that you just cannot figure out how it will all end. Butterflies and angels appear. Bodies are dug up and buried. Ghosts appear. Serial killers lineup. New Testament characters wander around spreading mayhem. And still the bodies add up. Don't worry, Braunbeck has a great finish for you, as usual, and it all makes sense.


Braunbeck's novels are actually loosely connected and there are references to Mr. Hands, Keepers, and In Silent Graves here but it seems to me the books could be read on their own, but why cheat yourself? Read them all.


There are two bonus Cedar Hill stories appended to the novel.