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Talulla Rising - Glen Duncan

Not the purported reimagining of the werewolf story some people seem to think this trilogy is. More of a Jason Bourne kind of supernatural thriller with Vampires and Werewolves, actually somewhat reminiscent of the Underworld movies except with more of a werewolf bent. I'm surprised so few people picked up on this. Not a bad thriller but I found it was the kind of read I could let my mind wander and feel like I hadn't missed much when I came back to focused reading. I never had to re-read anything. Except for maybe Talulla herself and the twins I never felt invested in anyone including Walker. I couldn't have cared less who dropped off the map and the whole thing ended up in a kind of sappy love theme when I think Duncan actually had something as long as he kept the werewolves more amoral, but species protective. They end up kissing cousins with vamps and humans alike. Yuch.


I was sorta entertained. I'll probably read the next one.