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The Weakest Link

The Providence Rider - Robert McCammon

I didn't enjoy this volume nearly as much as the previous ones in the Corbett series. The series has devolved into a series of very trope laden plot elements with an overall plot more outrageous than all the previous volumes, the first volume Speaks the Nightbird still beating the rest. The characterizations outside the already established characters was very weak this time, the "criminals" all being fairly one dimensional and too easy to thoroughly dislike. The Deus ex machina is telegraphed way too early and therefore has no suspenseful effect on the plot.

Still Corbett remains an interesting character in a sea of much less interesting ones now. The main driver of all the plots now has become the dastardly Professor Fell. This is what I feared this series would turn into.  I had hope McCammon would manage to kill him off with the rest in this volume, but no such luck.