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Bloody Great!

Mister Slaughter - Robert R. McCammon

In one big push I finished this one. Again not a whit of supernatural but still a bit of playing with history, which McCammon quite nicely, explains at the end. Good show. In fact I may enjoy these more than McCammon's usual "horror" supernatural thriller fare, except to call them usual now would be a disservice. Call them historico-thrillers with a little historical license.


All that said, a rolicking suspenseful read with McCammon's usual good plot and well drawn characters. Well written as well. One criticism of Matthew Corbett's world is that the world is peopled with characters that are both too noble and too evil and not enough gray. But it's McCammon's world and he's free to play with it however he will, I still enjoyed it.


It has devolved/evolved into a series based on the "evil" Professor Fell and his diabolical global criminal network, a ploy to hook readers and an easy out for an author who doesn't know where to go with completely new plots. It is also a disservice to the first volume, Speaks the Nightbird, which is perfectly capable of standing on its own for those who don't particularly care for series novels, which I don't, usually.


I'll probably read the rest of these and certainly I would be lying if I said I didn't look forward to. I own each one, afterall.