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Master Storyteller of the 20th Century

The Complete Stories of J. G. Ballard - J.G. Ballard, Martin Amis

How can you not rate this five stars? It contains every story by a master storyteller. Many of the pieces are working outs of themes that receive fuller elaboration in his novels and many of the stories seem to cover the same ground in slightly different ways. Ballard reuses themes, names, and even settings. His obsession with time and the escape from it is what struck me most. It infuses his stories from even the earliest ones and receives it's fullest treatment in the later stories.

Ballard's short story writing slowed down considerably after 1980 and there are very few after 1985. Ballard's world view is mostly dim so these are better taken in smaller doses. The book is massive and long and the pages are large so it isn't easy to read in bed for instance.