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Breeding Bad

Breeding Ground - Sarah Pinborough

This book is really bad, I mean one star bad.  I really liked Pinborough's The Hidden so I was really disappointed after an auspicious beginning when it settled into just most of the women being turned into giant spiders menacing the males.  That in itself is not damning, but the plot is plodding, the holes in it big enough to fly an airplane through (the electricity stays on even though half the population has been turned into killer spiders), and the survivors are idiots breaking every group survival rule that even a child knows.  The characters are two dimensional and behave so simply that you wonder that it isn't written for children (it's not).  Pinborough doesn't even leverage the obvious gender angle.


This is the sort of thing that is pawned off to fulfill book contracts with publishers but it isn't fair to ask anyone to pay for it.  I got it at a used book store and I'll sell it back so I'm not out much fortunately.