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Tippett's God

Einstein's God: Conversations About Science and the Human Spirit - Krista Tippett

I misjudged this at first blush. Just goes to show you need to go beyond first impressions sometimes.


That said the book is a little deceiving in its concept and execution. Except for one of the chapters, Tippett is not really interested in discussing science and spirituality, she's interested in science and most of all how science has challenged religion in modern thinking. Most of the scientists and artists interviewed were either agnostic or atheist, whether they admitted it in the interview or not. Therefore, the conversation really revolved around the condescending notion that we really don't know everything and therefore our little fictions around faith should be tolerated because they are useful sometimes, in terms of health, for instance, and otherwise harmless. To me this is scientists, who think they know better, talking down to the masses. Call a spade a spade for heaven's sake (pun intended).


To me quantum uncertainty principles and limitations like the speed of light don't imply wiggle room for faith in something somehow outside the physical world. John Polkinghorne is the only interviewee that actually addresses the dichotomy of religion and science and the challenges science makes on a life that includes spirituality.


All that aside, the conversations were interesting and the science engaging. At times the thing was a little too touchy-feely for me.