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Playin' Those Guitars Like Ringin' a Bell.

Shake Some Action: the Ultimate Power Pop Guide - John M. Borack

I lost my longer effing review because of the crappy gr "feature" that closes and clears the review window if you click outside of it by accident. Ugh! I'll review again in more detail when I'm more motivated, probably here on booklikes first so I don't lose it when I spazz-out with the mouse!

For the short story, lost one star for no index. Comes with a most excellent 24 song Power Pop rarities CD. I'm a huge power pop fan since I was around 10 and heard the song The Kids are Alright by The Who.

This is fairly hard to find in good condition. This press run was only 100.

Shake Some Action is a song by the Beatles influenced Flamin' Groovies from the album of the same name produced by Power Pop legend Dave Edmunds himself in the 1970s.

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