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Like a Dead Man Walking and Other Shadow Tales - William F. Nolan

First of all this is 240 not 275 pages as listed in the gr database. Also the publication dates are all wrong in gr. Jason Brock isn't even listed as an author although he did a lot more than the introduction. gr did a great job when they replaced the gr data with the Amazon data.

Nice collection of almost all new material from Nolan. Mostly stories but also some poetry and journal entries. There is one interview with Nolan and Matheson conducted by Jason Brock and two eulogies to other writers.

By and large the stories are very good. I'm not normally a big Jason Brock fan but he manages to tease the best out of Nolan (who is now 85), even a couple of good collaborations. The stories show Nolan's range better than other collections I've seen by him. Brock also contributes an excellent introduction. The journal entries are a challenge to read since Nolan seems to be a very non-linear thinker and his handwriting leaves a lot to be desired. They are very interesting though showing the genesis of many of his story ideas.

Usual top notch production from Centipede Press except for typos that are obvious spell checker errors. There is even one repeated sentence in a story! Everyone is getting sloppy these days, even the small presses.