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Nightworlds - William F. Nolan

I haven't read anything else by Nolan except the odd story here and there in anthologies so the only thing I know about him is the movie Logan's Run which I've always hated. That aside, I can't comment on anything except the book before me. It reads to me like a discount Ray Bradbury. Many of the stories are predictable once started and pretty much fall into the Twilight Zone genre of horror (there are a couple of sf stories). There are a few above average but nothing outstanding. The rest of the stories are just average, the usual forgettable anthology "filler." 

I'm going to read Dark Universe next which was published earlier than Nightworlds to see if it might have had more of the a-grade stories.

Note: Since Amazon overwrote all the gr data a few months ago, the books Nightworlds and Dark Universe by William F. Nolan have been confounded in gr as different editions of the same book, which they are not. This is because the incorrect ISBN data, which was in the Amazon catalog, overwrote the correct gr data. Good job gr at making the Librarians' efforts useless! Amazon pretty much doesn't care that their gr "catalog" isn't correct because both these books are out of print and can only be found on the secondary market.