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Nice Job gr in Downloading All That Amazon Data

Seventeen Stories - Mark Valentine

Every single book in my currently reading shelf has had screwed up data in the gr database.  Every book I've placed in my planning to read shelf in the past month has been wrong except for the ones I entered in gr.


What possible reason could there be for Amazon to want all its data in its flagship user database to be wrong?  Why did they load the Amazon data on top of the gr data, thereby deleting the more accurate gr database?  If anything they should have only loaded exceptions, books that did not already exist in gr.  This would have been easy with an ISBN and ASIN match search, just like gr used to do when you tried to add another book or edition on top of the existing ISBN or ASIN.  This will take even the Librarians left or those not fed up years to correct.  What about users who want to buy a book off gr and the data is wrong?  What's to keep Amazon from doing it again?  Doesn't Amazon have a legal responsibility as a seller to provide accurate descriptions of its products?


F___ Amazon and f___ goodreads.