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International Power Pop Overthrow

Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide [Book w/CD] - John M. Borack

I'm a nut for power pop music.  It is by far my favorite music genre.  It touches on everything from The Ramones to The Monkees to The Beatles; punk to the pre-fab four.  Power pop was the first rock and roll sub-genre to shake off all traces of its blues roots.  I love the Stones and Cream and Stevie Ray Vaughn too, so that isn't the point.  It's just that power pop hits me right in the heart and always has.  


The only thing left from the blues in power pop is the r&b beat, the rest is all major chords, power chords, barre chords, those chords that make every string on the guitar ring all at the same time.  Hook laden mini-solos that came from rockabilly.  Power pop never has dreary minute-long blues scale solos.  Lush melodic vocals, but sometimes a scratchy old Tom Waits can crank out a power pop gem.


I've always claimed that every rock and roll band has at least one power pop hit in them, no matter what their primary genre; Blue Oyster Cult has Don't Fear the Reaper, for example.


As soon as you try to define what power pop is you end up finding an exception that breaks the rule.  You just have to hear it and you know it.  Power pop fanatics know exactly what each other means and hears as though they were telepathic.  You know when The Sex Pistols sing "Pretty Vacant" it is just a power pop song masquerading as a punk rock anthem.  Go ahead listen to it and tell me it isn't.


As long as white kids with guitars in their garage in the suburbs learn to play four chords there will always be power pop.


Anyway other than books I'm always looking for the perfect power pop song.  At my funeral I want everyone grooving to The Lovin' Spoonful and Bram Tchaikovsky.


Buy this book.  They are only going to print 100.  It comes with a CD and you'll find out all the other CDs you don't have that you need to find before you die.