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goodreads Not Returning Deleted Reviews to Authors


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The following relates to reviews that were deleted by goodreads and never returned to their authors as promised.

The goodreads ToS has never changed since 2010; badgreeds just decided to arbitrarily, without notice, change how it interpreted the ToS, and well, bent them a little too. I don't consider a thread in the Feedback Group to be an announcement. Not everyone is a member of the Feedback Group. An announcement is like that bullshit they posted about the Fire HDX and Paperwhite integration. There has never been an announcement of a change in ToS or an announcement of any ToS interpretation change. If badgreeds had issued a change in ToS they have to give you an opt-out time period since this was not what you agreed to when you signed up. This is why there never was an official announcement.

badgreeds (motivated by brAmazon) arbitrarily decided, probably in a panic mode, to appease the authors it is so pleased to coddle and to prepare for integration with the Greedazon Kindles (for Christmas, of course).

I would surmise that the whole "deletion" of reviews was initiated by some overeager minions in an attempt to clean things up (in Amazon's opinion) before the Kindle integration. There was probably one of these one or two word edicts from Jeff Bezos, and the badgreeds folks panicked (knowing Bezos this was probably a life-saving maneuver for most of them).

It is BS to not give these reviews back. Big corporations back-up partially hourly (for new stuff) and everything daily and weekly. This means the archive has to have these reviews still intact unless you entered them minutes before they decided to delete them. It is a legal requirement to maintain these archives, if only for possible subpoena in a legal or security situation. If they indeed wiped these files completely then they are possibly in violation of the law and certainly their own IT and records keeping policies.

For instance, if a review contained a death threat, it could be subpoenaed for an investigation or trial. Deleting it would be tantamount to obstruction of justice or at the very least destruction of vital records. Since many of the reviews that were deleted were presumably for author baiting, this could be a serious business if one of those authors was to be murdered or just die suspiciously. 

I suspect there is some legal reason they don't want to give these back to you (if they actually have them anymore). I also suspect there is a legal reason why there was never an official announcement. An official announcement probably would have required a ToS update and that would have wreaked havoc with badgreeds with the Kindle integration just weeks away.

This whole sorry mess is what happens when big corporations step into an arena of free expression. Ask a few people fired from their jobs for blogging about them even without actual names.

Don't buy anything from Amazon and do whatever you can, legally of course, to upset the apple cart of badgreeds. I like to seed my reviews with random blue comments (to make them hard to scan) but that Grandma is going to stroke on when she sees them on her new Paperwhite. goodreads should never have been integrated with any platform. It should always have remained an app you could choose or not choose.

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