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Blue World - Robert R. McCammon

Blue World by Robert McCammon is a collection of his early stories and one novella, Blue World.  The stories are excellent with a few:  Chico, PIN, Yellowjacket Summer, Nightcrawlers, Yellachile, are almost perfect horror stories.  Chico and PIN are my favorites.  The other stories are good too, just not as perfect.


However what lowered this from 5 to 4 stars was inclusion of the long novella Blue World itself.  I thought the plot was formulaic: black night, fallen white night, female fallen angel, white night reforms fallen angel and achieves his salvation in the process. Courtly love is all that is available in the end. 

One thing I have read somewhere is there are only 9 basic plots possible (Don't quote me on the number, it might be as many as 12.).  The article stated that part of great fiction is the author makes you think his novel/story is not one of those 9 plots. I didn't get that here.


Well worth a read for McCammon's early stories.