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A rant about books, horror, and the weird.  I sometimes take on my love/hate relationship with goodreads and Amazon.

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Although I've tried to wean myself from badreads I still find myself lurking there because I have so many friends and I am still a mod for two groups.  I feel sort of guilty about it, however I still refuse to rate or review anything there, choosing to only put up a link to booklikes for anyone with enough motivation to bother.  I assume this is the content Amazon really covets.  I wonder when they will begin eliminating reviews that are basically links to other sites like LibraryThing or booklikes?


I'm guilty of commenting and "liking" too much on badreads but I figure this content is almost worthless to Amazon Kindle users and Amazon itself and until badreads starts messing with these (as in censoring or deleting) I guess I don't have that much to regret.


For awhile I just got to hate badreads but the friends I had there were really what was valuable to me so keeping my groups alive while only using it as a "read" booklist for me probably doesn't concede too much to Amazon and I've found ways to deny my filthy lucre to them, canceling my Cloud and mp3 account, deleting my wishlist, and magazine subscriptions as well as moving almost all my purchases elsewhere.  I guess I'll have to go back to the more expensive iTunes for music but the disadvantage is my non-Apple devices (I refuse to buy any Apple device as well.  Another long story about monopolies.) cannot use iTunes except on my PC.


I don't friend or fan any authors on badreads unless I know them really well outside of badreads.  I try to prevent other authors from following me as well by harassing the ones that I don't know to death.  I could turn "allow follow" off but I don't want to prevent everyone from following me, although you have to wonder why somebody would follow you that doesn't want to friend you.  I guess to keep them from clogging up the Update feed with nonsense.  I usually just block 'em anyway.


If booklikes ever gets a decent group functionality then I'll feel like I can cut the cord completely.  It's really too bad that badreads suckered everyone in and then sold them out.  I wonder if that was Otis' ultimate plan?  I suppose so.  It's the best way to get rich on these things.  He probably never cared what happened after he planned to dump it.


Well now my sins are out there.  I hope you all forgive me...