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Quiet Horror

Literary Remains - R. B. Russell

R.B. Russell's main job is helmsman for Tartarus Press, but he is also involved in art, music, and fortunately for us writing short stories.  This little book from PS Publishing in the UK is a real treat.  Rather than horror these are better described as strange or eerie stories.  


There is not a stinker in the entire thing.  These are best savored slowly but nevertheless I found myself just racing through the book I enjoyed them so much.


Russell's horror is not the horror of Stephen King or Richard Laymon; not the horror of mayhem and grue.  The stories are no less disturbing but more in the quiet way of reality abruptly twisting; think of a touch of surrealism coming into your day.  The author's prose is literate and interesting.  This is the way M.R. James would write strange stories if he were alive today.


You couldn't do better than to read these by firelight this winter season.