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The Ends of the Earth: 14 Stories

The Ends Of The Earth: 14 Stories - Lucius Shepard, J.K. Potter When the going gets tough the tough get...their clothes off and get it on. Seriously every story where there is a female around is going to have rape or ecstatic intercourse or masturbation and sometimes all three, often in the most ridiculous situations and places. Its just not believable. I don't know if Shepard thinks he's being edgy or what. About half the stories here are average, 1/4 good, and 1/4 really weak. There is one long absolute stinker: The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter. This 500 page collection could have been cut in half and been a really good collection of stories. There is just way too much filler here. This is the only weak Arkham House collection I have read from the 90's and Shepard is one of the better known writers.