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Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos

Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos - Robert M. Price This book presents some of the better pulp era H.P. Lovecraft influenced writers. There are no stories by Lovecraft in the book, as such I would not recommend this book to anyone who had not read at least some Lovecraft first. It is good to remember that this is stuff written for the pulps so the writing is all over the place. Price does pick some of the better stories, although there is inexplicably two stories by August Derleth, who despite being the single person who preserved Lovecraft's name and writing after his death, is probably the weakest writer of Mythos influenced stories. They are fortunately brief.The stories vary from simple pastiche to some decent original stories, although all are influenced by Lovecraft somehow. The better stories actually avoid too overt a mention of the Lovecraft Mythos. In general the endings are telegraphed pretty early so don't expect any Twilight Zone twists at the end unless you are totally unfamiliar with Lovecraft and the Mythos. Expect a lot of plot holes and simply outrageously inexplicable behavior, so suspension of disbelief is going to be de riguer.I had fun with the book and would recommend recommend it for anyone who wants another taste of pulp era Lovecraft Mythos. Read it in short bursts so the stories don't seem too similar.