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The Imago Sequence

The Imago Sequence - Laird Barron This is one batch of creep-ass stories. I pretty much loved this book, every story was a page turner and every one scared the crap out of me. I hate comparisons to other authors, like Lovecraft or Ligotti since the writing is totally different but, imagine Lovecraft's vision of faceless uncaring cosmic menace freed from the purple prose. Think Ligotti's faceless and nameless places and characters given a face and a soul we care about. These protagonists here are no less doomed but we actually care about them, they are fully formed people, and therefore, we feel their terror as the horror of their (our?) world unfolds.There's a lot of good genre-bending here and Barron pulls it off pretty well: a Clancy story, a Western, a Noir. All are done pretty effectively. It's hard for me to pick out a favorite story but I would say Parralax for the elegance of it's ending, although it wasn't the scariest story by far, there was a three-way tie for that.