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The Void

The Void - Teri A. Jacobs Teri Jacobs can't decide if she wants to be Thomas Ligotti or Clive Barker so she does a bad job at being either. Dull and endless descriptions of random grue and bodily violation desensitizes the reader to the point where you can't be shocked or repulsed anymore. Real and bogus Aztec demonic culture will make you cheer that the Spaniards came and wiped the evil bastards out.What little plot there is gets stretched as thin as cat gut as inexplicably demon fights demon, evil fights evil, and someone/thing (you can never tell who is good or evil so you assume all denizens from the netherworld are bad somehow)tries to get ahold of Leslie because she embodies "The Void" due to the fact that she was once reanimated by some juju juice after drowning. The "mysterious" Coatl, some dude she once stiffed at a prom dance, is the primary evil vehicle/servant for the Bat god and something has to get done before the sun rises on a certain day. Leslie's friends, relations, and acquaintances are turned into rotting, snot covered, spunk drenched, slimy, scummy, maggoty, phlegmy, scabby, bloody, fleshy, vomity, ichor one by one; all described in numbing technicolor detail. A couple of kids, one guy, and a brother we don't care about get saved and Leslie inevitably drowns herself before sunrise so the rift can be sealed. Or is it?The writing isn't bad, in fact at times its rather evocative; there are just too many adjectives for the little story we have here.