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The nightmare reader

The Nightmare Reader - Peter Haining Thank God I only read one of Peter Haining's anthologies. The mediocre stories here put me off seeking out any more of his editorial efforts. If this wasn't already enough reason to avoid him, it has come to light in later years that Haining was an unrepentant plagiarizer, fabricator, and just plain liar. He would scavenge obscure pulp fare, rewrite it, and try to pass it off as the product another obscure but more desirable author. He would provide bogus references for the stories that were harder to investigate in the good ol' days. He edited texts without any acknowledgement, "borrowed" stories without attribution (or deliberately incorrect attribution), and generally did what he wanted while compiling his little anthologies.Wonder why his anthologies are so mediocre? Besides cramming them with second rate real stories, He wasn't a particularly gifted writer even when trying to dress up third class fare. A pig with lipstick still looks like a pig!Check out Douglas A. Anderson's entries in the "Wormwoodiana" blog for more interesting research about Mr. Haining.