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Sandman Mystery Theatre 2: The Face and The Brute

Sandman Mystery Theatre, Vol. 2: The Face and the Brute - Matt Wagner, John Watkiss, R.G. Taylor Two fairly mundane mysteries don't really add much to the development of the series which is something I've come to expect in sophomore efforts. There is way too much gratuitous bigotry displayed in an effort to establish the era and the "hard boiled" nature of the stories, and in an attempt to emphasize the enlightened attitude of the good guys: Dodds et. al. I felt the pedophilic rape was unnecessary to the plot and am not sure why it was inserted. Anyway don't leave this one around for the kiddies to find. I do like the fact that no matter how dire the situation the Sandman NEVER kills.Artwork is fairly uninspiring typical comic fare and seemed to make the protagonists as unattractive as possible in another effort at realism.