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The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich - William L. Shirer The thousand year reich. More like the 10,000 book reich. One of the best single volume histories of the nightmare that was Nazi Germany. One of the amazing things about this book and most good books about the Third Reich is that if it hadn't actually happened people would consider this a ludicrous piece of fiction. Modern people could not be so goofy, suckered, hateful, self-centered, evil. No real society would let this sort of thing happen. The writer would be laughed off the face of the earth. The fact that it did happen makes so many more possible and actual horrors tangibly real and not just silly fancy. That is the fascination: that the horror can actually happen, so much scarier than all horror writing. Just another sunny summer day in Upper Silesia wandering off to the delousing showers...