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The Six Sigma Way: How GE, Motorola, and Other Top Companies are Honing Their Performance

The Six SIGMA Way: How GE, Motorola, and Other Top Companies Are Honing Their Performance - Peter S. Pande, Roland R. Cavanagh, Robert P. Neuman Ostensibly a "manager's book" for Six Sigma. which translates to: not much depth. This in turn translates to: teaches you to do nothing actually useful so don't waste your time here unless you want a long winded 40,000 foot introduction to GE Six Sigma methodology.Another problem with Six Sigma is there are really two schools: Motorola and GE. The Motorola methodology actually teaches one how to use statistical principles to build better quality in, how to maintain it, and how to continuously improve it. The GE school, where former CEO Jack Welch really stole the Six Sigma name from Motorola and changed it to suit his own purposes, is a structured methodology for improvement where six sigma statistical principles are just one of many tools used to effect improvement change (sometimes it isn't used at all). Despite what the subtitle says, this is a GE Six Sigma introduction book and will tell you little about the original Motorola way.I any case you can probably forget about it. Six Sigma is strictly old school now. Nobody does SS properly anyway and most concerns have moved on to program du jour Lean Manufacturing which is often mistakenly called Lean-Six Sigma, and where even fewer statistical principles, much less six standard deviations, are used.