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A rant about books, horror, and the weird.  I sometimes take on my love/hate relationship with goodreads and Amazon.

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Trigun Maximum Volume 3: His Life As A. . .: His Life as A... v. 3

Trigun Maximum, Vol. 3: His Life As A ... - Yasuhiro Nightow, Justin Burns Vash has his hands full with Emilio The Puppet Master and Wolfwood is up to his ass with Nine Lives, the Immortal Monster. Will Millie and Meryl arrive in time? What sort of claims are the Bernardelli Insurance Agency going to have to pay now? Will Vash get out of this without killing anyone yet again? Will Wolfwood ever get to preach again, or will he have to instead continue to use his cross as a machine gun and rocket launcher?Listening to Mods, Skins, Punks by The Professionals