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The Worm Ouroboros (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading)

The Worm Ouroboros - E.R. Eddison A flawed classic of high fantasy. Notable for breaking ground where few had tread before in such a sweeping manner. Flawed by being primarily declamation and posturing with little character insight. For instance, why is Lord Gro always tempted to support the underdog? As such, it reads, especially in its faux archaic language, like an Icelandic Saga more than anything else, although there was never any saga this complex. Oh, and there is Wrastling too!Also, I'm not sure what happens to the "dreamer" Lessingham since he inexplicably disappears along with his little talking bird after a few chapters never to return (at least in this novel). I'm not sure why Eddison didn't simply go back and remove this unnecessary device once the novel was finished.There are also some great unintentionally funny plot twists. Demon Lords Juss and Brandoch Daha travel at great peril and exertion to Koshtra Belorn to acquire the ONLY Hippogrif egg in Middle Earth. They need this to rescue Lord Goldry Bluzsco who has been conjured into a prison on the highest peak in Middle Earth. After acquiring the egg, one of Juss's knights for no real reason, steals the large egg while Juss is sleeping with the thing on his stomach. He hatches the egg and flies the Hippogrif around only to crash and drown it. Well just in case, the Queen sends out her trained birds to see if there might be any other Hippogrif eggs. After waiting a year the last bird returns only to tell all that there is one more Hippogrif egg but its at the bottom of a tarn all the way back in Demonland where the Demon Lords started.