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The Gentling Box

The Gentling Box - Lisa Mannetti Literally a nightmare mess of a book but so good you'll overlook the plot holes and the rambling nature of the narrative at times. About sorcery and witchcraft and about one powerful and determined witch in particular.Imre is the most frustrating of protagonists, weak one minute and succumbing to all temptations, then seemingly strong willed the next. He is easily manipulated by the women about him and he always waits too long to do what he must and ends up dooming everyone because of it. You feel sorry for him but ultimately sorrier for all those he takes with him.The novel is not for the faint-hearted. Full of gut churning grue, pustulence, and pestilence and above all about every desecrating act imaginable. Imre sees and does it all.The images of horror themselves are worth the roller-coaster ride itself.