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The Sense of an Ending

The Sense of an Ending - Julian Barnes You can skip the rest of this review after this paragraph. This book is every bit as good as people say. Maybe it speaks to me more because I'm of an age where I can relate to the thoughts of the protagonist; a real sense of looking over things once you realize there is more behind you than ahead. It's also a pretty good mystery.I try to avoid most prize winning books like the plague unless I don't realize they won an award first. In other words, I try to ignore awards before I pick a book. I have mostly been able to avoid Man-Booker, Pulitzer, and National Book Award. Oh, and especially Nobel Prize. I am suspicious of all literary awards (awards in general) since they are generally based on some incestuous relationship with some sort of board or committee or guild, etc.I was at the library looking through the resale books and found this UK hardcover edition that had obviously never had the spine cracked for $1. Despite my better instincts, I couldn't resist.