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Collected Poems - H.P. Lovecraft, August Derleth, Frank Utpatel Let's start off by saying this is strictly for the Lovecraft completist. The verse isn't that good, in fact the early poems are downright awful, imitating some sort of 18th or 19th century style and language. They don't really have any subject matter that would interest even the hardcore Lovecraft fan; dealing with mainly sentimental subjects. These early poems are also often marred by Lovecraft's xenophobia for the "swarthy aliens."The later poems at least deal with more Lovecraftian themes and largely abandon the faux language and style, they are more a Lovecraft voice, but even The Fungi from Yuggoth is unintentionally hilarious at times and nothing here is the least bit eerie or menacing. The other thing is that unlike Lovecraft's prose these are stripped down and have little of the heavy multi-adjective laden sentences that are either loved or reviled by the Lovecraft reader. This is probably a result of the meter and rhyme just not allowing the freedom to handle this. The result is a forced feeling. There just is not the rich metaphor that usually marks better verse. I think Lovecraft would have been much better served to adopt a more modernist free verse form that would have accommodated his writing style better. But we all know that Lovecraft considered himself an 18th century gentleman and wasn't going to employ any of these new-fangled literary devices.