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Underwood and Flinch

Underwood and Flinch - Mike Bennett It's 2008 and Lord Underwood has risen from the grave in Spain after 50 years. Alcoholic former medic David Flinch is poised, however reluctantly, to take his familial place as mortal guardian to Lord Underwood. But wait, Lord Underwood must feed of course and how to dispose of all those bodies, or do we really need to? And what about the Sect and David's sister who desperately wants Lord Underwood to turn her into a vampire? Then there are all those pesky Russian mobsters looking to avenge a murder, and the English pub owners who thought they were hidden from them. Pirates (real ones), Nazis, werewolves, white slavery, and nosy detectives too.Are you sick of wimpy sparkly vampire romance stories? Well U&F is a vampire novel like no other you have ever read (or listened to, or seen).Check out the treats in Mike Bennett's Hall of Mirrors or what Dusty and Gaz have in store for you over at One Among the Sleepless if you are still skeptical of how good this can be.