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Murgunstrumm and Others

Murgunstrumm and Others - Hugh B. Cave Super creepy collection of Hugh B. Cave's best horror stuff. Certainly the best collection of Cave I have ever seen, hardly a clinker in the batch. On the more grue side of the pulp era and not as polished as other pulp writers but this is made up for in the creepiness and excitement of these stories. Excellent gruesome illustrations by Lee Brown Coye just improves the look and feel of the stories. Really a beautiful edition.I think Carcosa Press only released 3-4 books in it's short lifetime. I believe this was the first. Hard to find in first edition but fortunately reprinted in a trade edition (I think it is the only Carcosa title ever reprinted). Not sure if the reprint includes the original illustrations, but still worth picking up even without these.I tended to rate books too high in the past but this is a definite five stars even on reappraisal.