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Robert Aickman: An Introduction

Robert Aickman: An Introduction - This is a decent introduction to Aickman's work. It has valuable little biography for someone like me who only knows the barest details of his life. A good introduction to most of Aickman's themes, but unnecessarily provided TV-Guide like summaries of every story and novel which just weren't needed. Anyone even remotely interested in this mini-book is going to read the stories themselves. More or longer quotations would have been more valuable. It did provide page references throughout which could be valuable if you have the editions listed in the bibliography (I mostly don't). I did like the sections on Aickman's two novels which sound fascinating and I knew little about. I wish these were easier to acquire, as most of the stories are.Good bibliography of Aickman's work and reference sources. The prose is a little stiff, but the book is short. Well laid out for the Kindle and not riddled with typos and grammatical errors like some ebook translations.All in all well worth the $3.99 I had to pay for it.Listening to 21st Century Boy by Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic.