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The Caller of the Black

The Caller of the Black - Brian Lumley Found this in a moving box recently. I probably bought it when it was new so that is a million years ago. I think it is Brian Lumley's first story collection.A nice little collection of mainly Mythos stories which rises above the usual pastiche or pulp fare. Lumley's stories are more tightly crafted and he doesn't succumb to the usual trap of trying to imitate Lovecraft's prose style, like Derleth for instance, and he can certainly write a better Mythos story than August (but who can't?). A lot of the stories feature "twist" endings but if you've read many Mythos stories most will not come as a real surprise. Titus Crow figures in quite a few of the stories. Unless you can pick this up cheap used I would say owning it is strictly for the Arkham House or Lumley completist.