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The Fellow Travellers

The Fellow Travellers and Other Stories - Sheila Hodgson, Paul Lowe Collection of "Jamesian" style ghost stories. The first half of the collection is taken up by stories that James never wrote but left ideas for and even unpublished fragments. Ms. Hodgson adapted these into radio plays for the BBC and subsequently converted these into short stories. Dr. James figures as the protagonist in all of these and does quite a bit more running about than is usual in James's own stories. This seems to be a nod to the need for more action in a modern plot than was usual in James's era. The second half of the collection is all Hodgson originals but still an attempt to write in a Jamesian fashion. Most, but not all of these, still figure James as the protagonist. A few of the early stories (as in the front of the book) in the collection are pretty good but as Hodgson gets farther away from a James kernel, things get duller and more predictable while much less eerie. She also doesn't display the elegance and subtle wit that James had. She also makes James out to be quite more irascible than I imagine he actually was.