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Edgeworks: v. 2: Collected Ellison (The collected Ellison)

Edgeworks: v. 2: Collected Ellison (The collected Ellison) - Harlan Ellison I'm giving it five stars even though the two books in this omnibus are only three (Spider Kiss) and four stars (Stalking the Nightmare), just for the fact that the two books are excellent alone and are bundled together in a pretty nice package. Some top-notch genre-bending fiction and some good non-fiction is included here.There are few cosmetic problems for a limited hardcover edition like this: typos, and text layout. The typos are less than Edgeworks #1 [b:Over the Edge/An Edge in My Voice|332274|Over the Edge/An Edge in My Voice (Edgeworks 1)|Harlan Ellison|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1173822197s/332274.jpg|1407442] but more than there should be. The flyleaf mars the white back of the dustjacket. These Edgeworks jackets however are some of the most stunning and original I've ever seen; somehow perfectly capturing the essence of two very different books.