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Lost Futures

Lost Futures - Lisa Tuttle Not a horror story at all, but a science fiction story about alternate universes, alternate realities, and dream states. Philip K. Dick does it better.Amongst all the endless blather and meditation on dream psychology and the mathematical basis for alternate universes, there is a plot that is as thin as tissue paper about a dead brother that Clare/Lucy/Luz wished hadn't died when she was a teenager. Is Clare/Lucy/Luz's jumping between personal realities/universes a type of wish fulfillment or just a result of her dreams, or both? Can she control the "jumps?" Tuttle makes her point and exposition early enough that the novel seems padded to be about 100 pages too long. Would have made a better novella.Fortunately Tuttle is demonstrably capable of much better.BTW: Freaked-out gruesome nightmarish cover that has absolutely nothing at all to do with the book's contents and was obviously a ploy by someone to position this as a horror novel.