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The Invisible Eye

The Invisible Eye - Erckmann-Chatrian,  Émile Erckmann,  Alexandre Chatrian,  Hugh Lamb 19th century writers Erckmann and Chatrian were fairly popular in their day. They wrote more than just supernatural fiction. These would nearly all be classed as supernatural stories, but not ghost stories. Most read like legends or sagas that are set mostly in the 17th or 16th century, almost like archetype "Club Tales" at times.I had to slog though this since the middle tales tended to be quite similar in style, plotting, and structure. The early tales were great and there is a long werewolf tale to cap the collection off that is outstanding.Ash-Tree Press has almost made a business out of reissuing these rare collections. The last printed limited edition of 2,000 copies before Ash-Tree's from the 1980s, was completely lost in a series of business failures. They were presumably purloined but very few show up in the rare book market.