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Horns - Joe Hill Okay here's the deal: I almost gave this five stars except for one shaky plot device which marred the profundity of the ending. A lot of people give this lower ratings, but I have some personal reasons why this novel touched me. When I was 22 I knew a young woman, 19, not really well but well enough, who was abducted, sexually assaulted (raped!), and brutally murdered. She had a boyfriend, she was a university student, she had a part-time job to see her through school, and she was an only child, she was intelligent, pretty, laughed, and had a nice smile - I knew her father as well, worked with him. This was not MY girlfriend however ol' Joe nails the gut-churning feeling of what this is like to those that live through such a tragedy. I can see Ig wanting revenge so bad he would sell his soul, even if only inadvertently. While I was reading, especially the first half of this book, I didn't want to eat, it bothered my sleep, I couldn't concentrate. I didn't even want to keep reading. It totally depressed me. This is what good writing does.Ever think about how people that have had a close one murdered can't play Clue, hate watching CSI, don't like Agatha Christie or Alfred Hitchcock? This is how Horns made me feel - like I didn't want to relive something or be reminded of it.Onward to the weak and unnecessary plot device: Merrin was going to die anyway and she really wanted to go quick. What? Joe, why ruin a perfect thing? Now you have inserted some sort of meaning into what needed to be kept beyond understanding and meaningless. All of this to introduce Merrin's "last testament" letter of how she really loved Ig, and now he knows it, and she REALLY didn't want to try other relationships but wanted him to just be happy, etc. BS! The realism of Ig/Merrin's shaky last days as they both were beginning to move on to other things besides a high school romance makes the tragedy of how the argument/abandonment/rape/murder happens that much more tragic and profound but only if they never communicate again after he leaves her at the restaurant. Why ruin it? Now you tell me she was gonna die anyway? Don't cheat me of my righteous pathos Joe! Don't pull an [a:Erich Segal|15516|Erich Segal|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1202419115p2/15516.jpg] on me!I have a love/hate relationship with this thing. I thought it was a pretty good story. As I've said, the back story really hit me hard and I am pretty thick skinned. I think Hill gets this so right it's scary. King can go to the same places, sometimes. I can't say I enjoyed the book but it's pretty good writing nonetheless. Except for that breast cancer plot thing...