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A Game of You: 5 (The sandman)

The Sandman, Vol. 5: A Game of You - Colleen Doran, Todd Klein, Shawn McManus, Bryan Talbot, Dick Giordano, Stan Woch, George Pratt, Neil Gaiman Better than previous numbers. More entertaining throughout and ultimately more profound. Shifting realities, not necessarily between parallel universes, more like intertwining realities, make for a bewildering plot at times, but it all makes sense in a way in the end. Issues of gender and strong female characters are pretty much the norm here. The only real guy here, the evil George, is made small work by Thessaly and abused after death (No cute chick visits him). I think Gaiman kind of copped out by killing the only transgender and elderly woman in the end but it is sort of necessary for it to make as much sense as it can.That happy chick Death, Morpheus's little sister, shows up again. I don't think Death is a cute woman personally but again Gaiman is trying to turn the norm upside down. Not sure why Gaiman is obsessed with the dreadful Tori Amos (Death's inspiration, I think). At least he saw the light and hooked up with Amanda Palmer.Delaney forward is worth the price of admission alone (read it last, then read the book again).