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H.P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror

H.P. Lovecraft's the Dunwich Horror - Joe R. Lansdale, Peter Bergting, Shawn Lee, Robert Weinberg There are so many things wrong with this book.1. It is not "H.P Lovecraft's Dunwich Horror" as the cover states. It is Joe R. Lansdale's sequel to the Dunwich Horror. Ol' Joe is trying to pull a Derleth here.2. The story is awful. Ol' Joe was just phoning it in. This has to be the worst story Lansdale ever put his name to.3. The characters do almost nothing except explain what they are going to do next (or eventually) or the back story or the back story from the original Dunwich Horror. I think it would have been safe to assume most readers would have been familiar with the original story.4. There are the most lame plot tricks to pad what little story is here. "Let's read this book out loud. Oh and now we have to make the Horror stronger so we can trap it. Oh and now we have to wait 10 seconds before we read the next passage (another excuse to add six more panels where nothing happens). The "twist" revelation adds nothing to the story. Its just there so the story can have a twist. I won't spoil it but you'll laugh when you see it.5. They didn't even get the facts and plot from the original Dunwich Horror straight. I don't think anyone actually read the story. 6. Product placement. I hate it. Its an artistic sellout unless the brand is key to the story. Apple must have kicked back a fair amount to get their logo featured all over the place. I even think the cell phone was an iPhone.Positives: 1. The Hound is pretty good even though it is basically a pretty picture paraphrase of the story. Its not really a comic but more of an illustrated book. Joe thankfully wasn't around to rewrite this one.2. The artwork is pretty good throughout but Peter Bergting has so little story to work with in DH a lot of pages are just people standing around talking. The menton3 artwork for The Hound is outstanding.