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The Long Night of the Grave

The Long Night of the Grave - Charles L. Grant Almost doesn't rate three stars. Fairly weak offering in the Oxrun Station series. Set towards the end of the 19th century with a standard mummy story about Egyptian priests trying to reanimate an insignificant priest from ancient Egypt in an effort to gain/regain immortality. The body count rises as Oxrun citizens are bumped off in pursuit of getting all the items needed for the ceremony. Mummies just aren't scary. The lumbering giant in this tale manages to pummel his victims even though he would be quite easy to outrun as long as you don't stumble (inevitable it seems) or fumble with the door and lock.It feels like when Grant wrote his Oxrun trilogy in homage to the Hammer horror films he had run out of ideas. He sticks with pedestrian plots and wooden characters and even his usual evocative prose is lacking in all but [b:Dark Cry Of The Moon|898622|Dark Cry Of The Moon|Charles L. Grant|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1231822029s/898622.jpg|883810]. The whole thing is uninspired and smells like a dash-off based on a contrived idea when the muse had departed. I would hate to have purchased these stinkers in the original Donald Grant limited edition hardcovers.