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A rant about books, horror, and the weird.  I sometimes take on my love/hate relationship with goodreads and Amazon.

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Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural (Modern Library Series)

Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural - Edith Wharton, E.M. Forster, Henry James, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Walter de la Mare, Charles Dickens, Guy de Maupassant, Ernest Hemingway, H.G. Wells, Wilkie Collins, William Faulkner, O. Henry, John Collier, M.R. James, Conrad Aiken, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Karen Blixen, Isak If you never read another horror anthology, if you even hate horror, you should read this one anthology just to make sure you round out your literary background. The one essential classic anthology that has NEVER been bettered since it was first published. Cannot really be compared to anything else.If you are a horror buff, then you owe it to yourself to read this to find out where it all came from and what the best can be.