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The Bloody Chamber

The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories - Angela Carter Wicked twisted fairy tales for adults only. Some of these will be familiar, however I'm not sure if all these are derived from real folk and fairy tales, but it doesn't matter because it seems like they are. Carter releases these type of stories from the often simpering but always patriarchal prison they have been kept in for so long. These are tales to be told, read out loud. We know that the oral tradition of storytelling probably followed a matriarchal path. But when folk stories finally got written down it was probably men that did the writing. That's the problem. Men altered the tales to conform to a male dominated mindset. Carter puts the women back in the stories the way they probably originally were. At the same time she updates the the milieu just enough to make them seem fresh and new as well. Frightening or funny. I never laugh out-loud when I read, but I did during Puss-in-Boots. Funniest story I've read in a long time.And the prose itself. Carter is a true artist with the English language. The words so literate and evocative with out being too purple. A perfect pallet of words There are only a few authors that I think get close: Peake, Burgess, Davies, Aickman.