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Babel-17 / Empire Star

Babel-17/Empire Star - Samuel R. Delany Put together like the old Ace double-headers you get both the novel and the novella (mentioned in the novel!). Self-reference is everywhere and Delaney is a remarkably complex writer. I'm still not sure exactly what it was all about but it reminded me of Dick without all the psychotic baggage. It's remarkable that Delaney could toss off Empire Star in just five days. I've read some of Moorcock's rush jobs and they just don't even come close.I'll have to breakdown and read [b:Dhalgren|85867|Dhalgren|Samuel R. Delany|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320531180s/85867.jpg|873021] I guess since it is supposed to be his magnum opus but I'm not looking forward to the Joycean density that is probably involved given that these here are considered his more "accessible" works.I'm not sure why someone like Pynchon is considered literature while Delaney is just considered sf. So many people cheat themselves of great literature by shunning all genre fiction.