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The Strange Dark One: Tales of Nyarlathotep

The Strange Dark One - W.H. Pugmire, Jeffrey Thomas I didn't much care for this collection based on Nyarlathotep. The first problem was not so much with the content per se. The book is a print-on-demand affair (How can a p-o-d claim to be a First Edition?) riddled with typos and grammatical errors.On to the content. These stories all look like the sort of thing that you would get if you asked a senior high school creative writing class to write a story based on Nyarlathotep. My next problem is with Pugmire's prose. It is overwrought and purple in an effort to mimic Lovecraft's own prose but falls short. It almost looks like someone went through and marked out repetitions with a thesaurus in hand. They didn't get them all. There are also some bizarre shifts in dialect from archaic to modern in just a few sentences. Finally, there is zero characterization and scene setting. Because the other elements fail, this proves ultimately fatal to the whole.I just got an amateur feel from the whole book. Not having read much of Mr. Pugmire's fiction except for the odd story in an anthology, this characterization might not be fair, but could Wilum be the Ed Wood of Lovecraftian fiction? Would he really mind?