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Shadows Over Innsmouth

Shadows Over Innsmouth - Stephen Jones, Dave Carson, H.P. Lovecraft Excellent collection of Lovecraftian horror all somehow related to Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth. The problem with all non-Lovecraft related "Lovecraft" stories and novels is that they are either pastiches or they just don't measure up to the Master. Even Clark Ashton Smith, August Derleth, and Robert Bloch etc. never quite got it. The sad truth is there will never be another Lovecraft story as good or as ground-breaking as what Lovecraft wrote. In this I have to agree with Kenneth Hite.That said, most of the stories in this book fall outside the pastiche arena, and most are very good on their own as long as you don't expect a real Lovecraft story. From a literary standpoint the stories are well written and don't all fall into the "pulp" mode if that's not your thing. Fortunately The Shadow Over Innsmouth is included so you don't have to have read any Lovecraft stories to appreciate the other stories. I would recommend this to anyone interested in horror and weird stories.