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I get some pretty weird stuff in my Dashboard feed on bl.  I'm not as fussy about who I follow as I am on badreads so I get "introduced" to some things that are pretty different, weird, tasteless, dull, and things "literary" I wouldn't touch with a gondola oar than I would on gramazon.  I guess I just haven't spent the time to really try to find people with similar interests here.  Another thing is I joined when bl was in its relative infancy so I tended to follow anyone who I found initially and haven't really done any weeding out since my dashboard isn't that crowded yet.


I have to admit I'm not exactly sure what the best way to find friends with like interests.  I've chased a few books down to their book page and looked at who had read them, but bl doesn't seem to have any facility that I know of equivalent to the "compare books" function for potential friends on badreads.  Keyword searching hasn't seemed to work well for me.


Any suggestions that others have found for finding those with similar likes would be welcome.  I'm interested in everything except bestsellers and YA.  My main interests are horror and noir and just plain weirdness, but I follow sf and fantasy, particularly classic (meaning older) fantasy as well.